Ciao! Nothing like a whiff of summer and an XL bank holiday to put some cheer in your bones eh? Whether you’re spending your long weekend wisely doing life admin or frittering the days away foolishly and fabulously, hope you’re having a good’n. Plenty to report in this edition of…
Good sounds inside!
2021 was an interesting year. Like every business that relies on people moving and/or grooving, the constant ebb and flow of restrictions were a blow…
Spotlight: Leah Floyeurs
Third Ear Takeover | Casting the Runes | Dan Nicholls | Sova Labs | Tony Andrews
Five albums worth sharing: Avsluta | Sova Labs | Limited edition tees | 48 hours of Rapture Network @
This month: Five albums worth sharing: Laylla Dane | Monster eight hour Jane Fitz mix | New Sova Audio hire shop
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