HOOT #01

Welcome to the April edition of Hoot! Our creative portal designed to share what’s been inspiring us at Sova HQ.

It’s been an exciting month, topped by the news that we will be receiving a grant from the Government’s Culture Recovery Fund, allowing us to continue and expand upon our community-based projects. We are so grateful for the opportunity, and can’t wait to get moving!

There were two incredible Sova Studio takeovers, with Astral Industries and One Seventy both blowing our minds. See below for the full audio.

On the stereo, we had music from Masayoshi Fujita, State Azure, Monolake and System Revival, and Luca from E2-E8 had some fantastic tips to check out too.

We also read some fascinating stuff, including articles on the influence of brutalism on post-punk, the pre-acid warehouse scene in London and the legacy of Scott Walker.

So please kick-back, enjoy the journey and let us know what you think!


Astral Industries feat. Hems, Lynne, O.utlier & Eight Fold Way… @ Sova Studio

One Seventy feat. DB1, The Vision Reels, Alexander, Rob Vanden & Chris Inperspective… @ Sova Studio

Recommended Listening-

Fragments by State Azure- a gorgeous meditation that moves like a weather system, undulating and evolving in a vapour cloud…

Bird Ambience by Masayoshi Fujita- the vibraphonist and percussionist incorporates marimba into his lush, experimental explorations…

System Revival pres. Zero Hunger- not many releases pledge to “end hunger, achieve food security, improve nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture,” but that says a lot about System Revival. When the music and the message are this good, and this pertinent, you’ve got to get behind it.

Interview: The making of Gadi Sassoon's 'Multiverse', with Andy Gillham - an immersive conversation that takes in supercomputers, the physics of instruments, musical maths and simulated universes. From A Strangely Isolated Place.

Recommended by Rupert Earl:

Edited invites samb_rules to compose a mix for their Correspondence series. Sam glides between ambient soundscape, and drones, for a contemplative, unwinding listening session. 

The Correspondence mix series invites artists to put together sounds that they'd want to memorialise. Once the series reaches 100 mixes, they will be stored in the time capsule and buried, in the hope that they may be found in the years to come.  

What’s inspiring Luca from E2-E8 right now….

Recommended Reading-

The creative influence of brutalism on post-punk

London Warehouse Parties Pre-Acid House: An Oral History by Bill Brewster and Terry Farley

Prince 1958–2016: It’s time someone programmed you by Kirk Digiorgio

Remembering Scott Walker- probably the most important and influential iconoclast of the late 20th Century and beyond

Lou Ottens, inventor of the cassette tape, dies aged 94