HOOT #02

This month: Five albums worth sharing: Laylla Dane | Monster eight hour Jane Fitz mix | New Sova Audio hire shop

Sun’s been out on a regular basis last month and coupled with the easing of the lockdown it all feels much brighter these days in East London. To make things even nicer, here’s a soundtrack to get you through May - a dive into Laylla Dane’s music recommendations and a heavyweight eight hours mix from governor Jane Fitz, live-streamed from our studio back in September 2020, and never released as an audio file to date. First things first, let’s have a skim through what’s been happening at the Sova HQ lately.

Our news

We have just launched our online audio rental shop (BETA) and we’d love to hear what you think.

Our aim is to make hiring high-end audio equipment as straightforward as possible. Our fully online process is designed to give you the expert information you need to match a sound system to your specific needs. 

There are options at different levels, from private parties for up to 30 people to events with audience sizes of 500, plus optional DJ equipment to ensure we’re a one-stop audio rental shop.

For those looking to hire a sound system - we offer a 30% discount voucher valid until 31 July 2021. However, there’s no limit on the booking start date - even if it’s a year ahead.

Promo code: BETA30

Browse sound systems


Sova Audio joined the Future Creatives programme as a local partner, providing week-long practical workshops in areas such as live streaming, videography, photography, audio engineering, editing and reformatting content. 

The programme’s aim is to provide a unique opportunity that will help young people ages 16-25 years from the borough to build the experience, skills and networks that are vital to navigating and influencing the creative, startup, tech and green industries. 

Future Creatives: Digital Content is a career programme born of Waltham Forest London Borough of Culture 2019 and additionally supported through Sova Audio’s Arts Council Recovery Fund.

To Sova and back to beat prostate cancer

Sova’s chief George (he’s not of the athletic sort) is taking up on the challenge to cycle 108 miles this May to raise funds for Prostate Cancer UK.

If you’d like to learn more and feel moved to support the cause, please visit his fundraiser page.


Five albums worth sharing: Laylla Dane

This month the focus is on Laylla Dane - it goes without saying - her selection is splendid. Check it out in her own words:

Giraffe — Desert Haze, Marionette, Marionette12

Probably the most abstract LP on my list here. Experimental atmospheres, low-key melodies and minimalistic tribalism evoke pictures of shamanic rituals. A mysticism I couldn’t resist. Still cannot locate the giraffe in this sonic play, though…

Haruomi Hosono & Tadanori Yokoo — Cochin Moon, Light in the Attic, LITA174

Sometimes I go through all-new weekly releases on Juno. That’s how I stumbled upon this stunning creation, originally issued more than 40 years ago by the Japanese prolific artist who is considered as important in electronic music history as Kraftwerk and Brian Eno. Listen to the LP once and you’ll understand why.

Malasod — Tomorrow Has Been Canceled, Mirror Zone, MZ006

I’m always on the lookout for new releases on voodoo master Spekki Webu’s own imprint. This fresh addition traverses most of the contemporary musical directions that I find meaningful at present — from techno & trance to downtempo & ambient. Hence, it could be placed in both club-oriented and alternative sets.

Puma & The Dolphin — Indoor Routine, Invisible Inc., INVINC028

This acetate was a buy-on-sight. I thought ‘Okay, it’s by Nikko (a fellow Bulgarian) plus the artwork is nice — I should have this.’ And I did right! It hits a button of sweetness with its playful, though hypnotic rhythms, sounds of a friendly jungle and a fair dosage of psychedelia. I say we keep an eye (ear) on this guy and his future releases.

Shit & Shine — Malibu Liquor Store, Rocket Recordings, LAUNCH208

This album was a random find as I was previously not familiar with S&S. Strangely enough, I wasn’t convinced if I liked it that much, yet I frantically searched for a copy online. My future self must have sent me signals that the release was worth it. Now, the more I listen to it, the more I like it. It could well be the soundtrack of an intriguing film about existential drama, tension & internal chaos, but also about exploring altered states of mind, blissfulness, adventure & flirting. In other words — it’s dope! And it’s getting a repress .)

Thanks, Laylla ❤️

Laylla is a hard worker and the last few years saw her adding another item to her extensive skill set: the ability to curate a festival. Wake up Stran-Jah, named after the beach venue hosting the event and the Bulgarian mountain in close proximity is one of the highlights in our annual party calendar. Sourcing mainly local talent, Laylla manages to compile a sixty-hour journey of organic happiness.

This is her playing as the sun is rising ⬇️

In addition to the dance music area, this summer Wake Up Stran-Jah will be hosting an alternative ambient stage, featuring Sova Audio’s head honcho George aka Suspension of Disbelief.

Check out George’s 4 hour set from last year’s edition of the event.

In case you missed Laylla’s live set from the Sova HQ, here it is:

Or if you’re up to date with Studio Sova you may want to hear her recent mix for the Mudd Show. Either way, you’re in for a treat.

Monster eight hour Jane Fitz mix

September 2020 marked Sova Audio’s 4th birthday. While we might not have been able to celebrate with the rowdy ensemble of friends and family we might have hoped for, it did give us an excuse to lure someone rather special down to Studio Sova: international club hero, general good vibe curator, and close personal friend, Jane Fitz.

It remains a mystery why, but we never released the audio-only material from that epic 8 hour Jane Fitz marathon. Yes, we know - it took us an embarrassing amount of time to put it up on our Soundcloud but it was worth the wait - the full set is now ready to listen in high-quality WAV.

Go get it

Music from our Bandcamp feed:

“A journey into the singularity of the London underground scene”

A 16 page A5 full-colour zine, curated by Edward Keef (thanks, Ed for sending this over) and Henry Harrington, featuring works by photographers, deeply embedded in Londons thriving underground scene. Support local independent art and journalism - get yours for only £3 (mixer not included)

Buy now

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The Sova Team